Hi Guys. I’m Jess.

Welcome to my corner of the world, I’m so glad you are here. This blog is a new adventure for me I’m really excited to see where this goes. Here you will find all the musings and ramblings of my life. They will be funny, they will be heartfelt, and they might even be a tad bit random. It is my hope that you laugh and cry (laugh more than you cry obviously), that you heart and your mind will be stirred, and that you will be inspire to dream big dreams.

Here you will find the things that make me soar with happiness, the things break my heart, and everything in between. I can’t always promise you’ll love everything you read, although I hope you do (or at least most of it), but I can promise to always be real, honest and raw with you.

It is my hope you will actively participate in this adventure with me. That you will read, share, and comment on the things that touch your heart. I hope you find encouragement and inspiration, truth and grace, love and freedom from the words written here.

Thanks for reading!

Love Always,